A Lack Of Vitamins

Everyone knows that the human body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals everyday to function properly and remain healthy.  A well balanced diet can supply your body with the vitamins it needs, although problems and disorders can arise if your diet doesn’t supply your body with the vitamins it needs.  The symptoms of vitamin deficiency will normally present themselves when the lack of vitamins is at an advanced level.

Those who don’t get enough of vitamins A, B1, and B2 for example, will always feel tired, along with a loss of appetite.  Other symptoms include mental and emotional stress, chapped lips, and other annoying or painful habits.

The most common causes of deficiency include a poor diet, alcoholism, stress, a lack of vitamins, or medicine that interferes with your ingestion of vitamins.  If you are always feeling tired or feeling a lack of energy, you are probably short on the vitamins that your body needs to have on a daily basis.  If you visit your doctor and tell him the problem, he will probably recommend vitamins and supplements that will give you want you need.  Whatever you do, you should never overdo it and try to catch up on what you’ve been missing – as this will do you more harm than good.

Even though you may be following a healthy diet, you’ll still need to take vitamins and supplements.  No matter how healthy you eat, you should still use the right vitamins and supplements to give your body what it needs.  Vitamins are a great back up source, as they will provide your body with the minerals and nutrients it needs in the event of your diet failing you.

Before or after every meal that you consume, you should take vitamins or supplements.  If you have a deficiency in a certain vitamin or vitamins, you should make sure that you never miss taking the vitamin you need.  Even though you may not realize it, being deficient in a vitamin can greatly damper your performance as well as the overall health of your body.

When you look for supplements, you should always look for those that contain vitamins B6, B12, D, E, and folic acid.  Along with being considered dietary supplements, these well known vitamins will help to fight cancer and help your heart remain healthy.  The combination of these vitamins will help your body to remain healthy, boost your immune system, and keep you feeling refreshed.

To remain healthy and keep your body operating as it should, you’ll need to invest in vitamins and supplements.  You can find them online or at local nutrition stores, many of which won’t cost you much money at all.  No matter what your age may be, you’ll need to ensure that you are eating the right foods and taking the right foods.  Keep in mind that you should never replace food with vitamins, as they are more less meant to give you additional nutrients and minerals.

Anytime you aren’t able to eat the right food, you should always turn to vitamin supplements to give your body what it needs.  Supplements and vitamins are one of the best investments you can make, as everyone needs vitamins in their body.  Even though the costs may add up over time, it is more than worth it when you think about.  For what you spend in vitamins and supplements, you’ll be keeping your body healthy – and preventing a deficiency in vitamins. Although vitamin deficiency is very common these days, it doesn’t have to be.

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Millions at Risk from Dental Mercury

When the mercury is successfully removed from their systems, individuals begin to significantly improve due to a cessation of the destruction and denudation of the neurofibers, as evidenced by steady improvement in cognitive function. Mercury is the ‘spark’ that causes the ‘fires’ of autism as well as many other neurodegenerative diseases including PDD, ADD, ADHD and Alzheimer’s. Autism is the result of high mercury exposure early in life versus Alzheimer’s where there is a chronic accumulation of mercury over a lifetime. A doctor can treat ALL the ‘fires,’ but until the ‘spark’ is removed, there is minimal hope of complete recovery with most realized improvements being transient at best.

‘Mercury is the underlying common denominator of all the problems from which these children suffer due to impairment of their excretory pathways. And the only solution for these non-eliminators is to effectively remove the mercury while repairing and enhancing the damaged elimination and detoxification pathways. Concomitantly addressing the GI tract is vital if the goal of treatment is to achieve permanent recovery.

‘Once the process of mercury removal has been effectively initiated, the source of damage is now curtailed and full recovery becomes possible. Complete recovery can now be attained and further enhanced by utilizing various additional essential therapies including nutrition.’

Physicians treat heavy metal toxicity in a number of ways that can be quite confusing. The field of detoxification and chelation is a strange one where wars are fought over whose method is better. My approach through Natural Allopathic Medicine is comprehensive, using basic substances like magnesium, iodine and sodium bicarbonate to support detoxification, chelation and healing. Magnesium Oil is both necessary in detoxification and protective against mercury damage in autism and diabetes.

I even use super nutritional substances like Rejuvenate whose backbone is made from chlorella and spirulina for there is nothing like it or better tasting to support overall cell physiology and recovery.

For those who are new to the concept that nutritional maximization has a lot to do with the removal of heavy metals we can look to mercury compromised children with autism. Traditionally there are several nutrients that children suffering from autism (mercury toxicity) are routinely lacking at the proper levels. They include calcium, zinc, vitamins C and E, varied amino acids, selenium, magnesium, taurine, and essential fatty acids.

It’s hard to miss the changes that a dietary change will bring about in your child. Potentially, the severity of your child’s behaviours can be reduced, and they may also improve in the area of social interaction if you feed them the rocket fuel provided by super concentrated nutritional substances.

But we do need to go after the heavy metals and especially mercury very specifically and pointedly. I will report on this more in my upcoming book Toxicity Syndrome, but for years I have been recommending HMD (Heavy Metal Detox) developed by Dr. George Georgiou in Europe along with the internal and external use of clay.

Increasing muscle mass not just losing weight, decreases diabetes

Millions of Americans at risk from dental mercury, report says.


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Natural home facials give glowing skin

Facials can be a 100% natural, chemical free beauty treat that make your skin glow and your complexion look rejuvenated and fresh. For those who enjoy the occasional facial, there are some excellent chemical free ideas to administer in your own home.

Many spas and salons may offer facials that are full of chemicals and toxins you normally like to avoid. Some of those chemicals might be parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, or phthalates, which are commonly used in even the most expensive skin care products.


Natural home facials give glowing skin.
Your need for supplements depends on many factors. Your age, the quality of your diet, and your state of health will all be factors to consider. For example, if your diet consists of whole foods, organically grown, with very little processed or packaged food, and a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, then you will be getting many valuable antioxidants and vitamins from your diet. Include some calcium sources, clean protein products, and healthy fats and your diet may be perfect. In that case you may be fine with just a vitamin D3 supplement whenever you are not exposed to significant sunlight. Remember that organic produce contains significantly more vitamins and antioxidants than commercially grown, agribusiness produce. The extra cost will be recouped in your need for less supplements


Do you need to take supplements

Homeopathy For Children’s Emotional Health

Most parents would never think of giving a child Valium or Prozac. We know their physical bodies are too delicate, but their emotional life is also very delicate. Yet they are subject to much of the same stresses as adults and need safe remedies to help support their nervous systems.

Homeopathy is the fastest growing over-the-counter therapy in the United States and its remedies provide a therapy that can spare them needless emotional suffering in an effective and harmless form.

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Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts

New documents have emerged that clear Dr Andrew Wakefield of the allegations of fraud recently made by the British Medical Journal and its reporter Brian Deer. This new evidence “completely negates the allegations that I committed scientific
fraud. Brian Deer and Dr. Godlee of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) knew or should
have known about the facts set out below before publishing their false allegations,” says Dr Andrew Wakefield (see sources, below).

Newly-revealed documents show that on December 20th, 1996, a meeting of The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Study Group based at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School featured a presentation by Professor Walker-Smith on seven of the children who would later become part of the group of patients Dr Wakefield wrote about in his 1998 The Lancet paper (which was later retracted by The Lancet).

Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts.

and now

CDC researcher Poul Thorsen, who famously headed up the “Denmark Study” that many claim disproved any link between autism and vaccines, has been indicted in Atlanta by a federal grand jury on charges of wire fraud, money laundering and defrauding research institutions of grant money.

Poul Thorson is a scientist who formerly worked for the CDC, and over the last several years, he oversaw millions of dollars in grant money that was used to conduct research to “prove” that vaccines have no link to autism. Dr. Thorson’s research papers include the famous “Danish Study” entitled Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/…)

CDC vaccine scientist who downplayed links to autism indicted by DOJ in alleged fraud scheme

Health: Take Back Control

Daily we defer our responsibility for our health to the medical industry who fill us with drugs that have the very side effects we want to avoid, that cause disease and ill health and pollute our environments. But it isn’t all desperate…

Take Back Control Of Your Hormonal Health

(NaturalNews) “As a species, we`re on a fast track to extinction,” says Ori Hofmekler, author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet. “In the past few decades, men have lost 50% of their sperm count and within only one generation, the average man’s sperm count and testosterone have dropped by 20%. Women are no better. Staggering figures show that most women today are suffering from female disorders and three out of ten women between the ages of 35 to 60 will develop breast cancer.” This article will teach you why we have such dreadful statistics and how you can take back control of your hormonal health more

You are not alone there are lots of ways to improve you health

Six Simple Tips: Improve Digestion Naturally

some health activities are really enjoyable

A Simple Massage Could Keep You From Getting Sick

I can’t see me suffering on this

Drinking coffee Can Reduce Risk of Diabetes

(NaturalNews) Coffee lovers across the world have been disheartened by all the bad things that coffee is supposed to do. Caffeine, the major culprit in coffee, is said to cause addiction, dehydration, panic attacks and emotional fatigue. Pregnant and lactating mothers are often advised not to drink coffee at all. However all is not lost! Several studies have found that drinking coffee actually helps in fighting heart diseases, headaches, asthma and Parkinson`s disease. New studies have confirmed that coffee can also help reduce diabetes.

Studies of the effects of coffee are usually focused on their negative effects. However a new

Coffee has become one of the staple, favourite drinks of a plethora of people worldwide.  It is normally included in people’s everyday routine and diet. Coffee consumption has reportedly generated more than half of a hundred billion dollars worldwide.

Because of its frequent consumption, it has largely stimulated the attention of several scientists in the past to explore its potential risks. However, more positive studies and a lot of evidence have also been emerging in support of the benefits of coffee. Some of these even support the growing notion that health benefits of coffee outnumber the risks.

‘According to Mario Ferruzzi of Purdue University, coffee remains as one of the richest polyphenol sources in the West — one cup already provides a significant amount of 350 milligrams of the said phenolics. Furthermore, chlorogenic acids are the most abundant compounds, which accounts for 12 percent of the green coffee bean.’

As well as positive benefits on diabetes and cancer trials,  good results also on studies involving heart diseases, headaches, asthma, parkinson’s disease, and mental health. more
Joe Mangano of naturalhealthontheweb

and see what can be achieved! haha!

Scientists astounded: 83-year-old man lives without food, water


Be A Leader

Contrary to what most people believe, leadership is not about power. It is not about bossing people or driving them by using threats and fear. It is about encouraging others towards the goal of the organization. It is getting everyone on the same mission statement  and helping them to see the big picture of the organization and how they function within this common good. You must become a leader not a boss.

People follow others when they see a clear sense of purpose. People will only follow you if they see that you know where you are going. If you do not know where you’re heading, chances are nobody will want follow you, anyway.

Being a leader is not about what you make others do. It’s about who you are, what you know, and what you do. You are the reflection of what you’re colleagues want to be.

Studies have shown that another fundamental of good leadership is the trust and confidence your fellows have of you. Trust and confidence, that can only be built on respectful relationships, trustworthiness, and high degree of moral standards.

Once you have their confidence and loyalty, you may now proceed to communicate the goals and objectives you are to undertake. Stand as the visualization your co-workers want to emulate.

Communication is a very important key to good leadership. The knowledge and technical expertise you have must be clearly imparted to other people. You must be able to assess situations, weigh the pros and cons of any decision, and actively seek out a solution.

Leaders are not do-it-yourself heroes, who burn out by not being able to delegate. You should not claim to know everything, and you should not rely upon your skills alone. You should recognize the capacities and talents your colleagues have, and provide opportunities for them to shine and blossom. Only when you come to this realization will you be able to work as one cohesive unit.

Remember being a leader takes a good deal of work and time. It is not learned overnight.

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Reiki For Abundance From Lourdes

Raising Your Spirits

The grotesque amount medications taken each year should be the very first indication that something isn’t working in the sick industry, that never cures only treats symptoms and gives dangerous side effects  that require a life time’s addiction.

Americans drowning in prescription drugs

This petro-chemical industries’  greed and lack of ethics is in my opinion,  one of the worst dangers to mankind that I know.

Male fish now exhibiting female traits due to toxic chemicals and pharma runoff

It isn’t just a sociopathic mission to have people on dangerous chemicals all their life , its their lackadaisical approach to leaks, spills of such chemicals and deliberate contamination of environments, where genetic modification removes the biodiversity and presents a fait-accompli before the numerous studies again present damming evidence of such life tampering practices.

Tell the FDA ‘NO!’ to GMO fish

It is particularly offensive that while petrochemical interests are dirtying our backyards, watchdogs set up to protect our food and water sources are actually making it easy for these monsters to wage an all out war on mankind.

FDA censorship of nutritional science threatens health of all Americans

Now I am sure I read somewhere, that Armageddon would be preceded by the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, where evil incarnate would suck the spirit  from all. Revelation 16:16 If ever there was an image that this reflected – its Codex Alimentarius. Supposed to protect us from charlatans, ‘ exact opposite where ancient remedies and even new health discoveries are banned because patented, they cannot be termed a cure though renowned for benefits and only the petrochemical industry has the resources to pay fortunes to test and trial studies by the ‘scientists’ in their pay. There is no money in the natural since it can’t be patented and was God given.

At least we can avoid the toxic vaccinations, the choose natural before hazardous medications and move from polluted environments. No…  ?

Healthcare workers to be fired if they refuse flu shots, medical group demands (opinion)

Already moves are being made to make inoculation compulsory, but even before the dialectic begins certain sections are to be given no choice if they want to keep their job and even if that is in medical records will no interaction with the public and are perfectly protected from flu even swine flu, by taking regular doses of Vitamins C and especially D (the sunshine vitamin that is replenished by an  hour in the open every day, with out sunblock chemicals).

For example vinegar has aided digestion, and provided health benefits away back to ancient Egypt but you can’t claim it heals now. There is ample evidence that  the side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is cancer but you can’t say Green tea would cure or be  better for you only that it is a nice relatively cheap refreshing drink.

All About Vinegar

Fight For Health Reform Now

I believe there is an area around aged 45 that the focus of life changes, some call this a spiritual awakening others don’t believe it exists at all but whatever it is apparently not abundantly happening now. This is because our soils are nutritionally empty covered in pesticides and preservatives on produce truck across continents and the spiritual is hampered by lack of particularly nutrients which don’t get and additives we don’t want in junk foods. Only by making the choice to change your ways will the energy come upon you to transcend and become what the powerful elites are trying to stop.

Natural Health Solutions from Mike Adams

Natural Health Solutions $29.95

Natural Health Solutions $29.95

How to save yourself from deadly pharmaceuticals and heal over 100 diseases and disorders using healing foods, herbs and natural medicine

Health guru Mike Adams unveils a tell-all guide that bares the darkest secrets of conventional medicine while revealing a proven recipe for personal health transformation…

What if you could get your hands on a universe of eye-opening information about health and healing that the drug companies and health care profiteers never wanted you to discover?

Although you might find it difficult to believe at first, the “sick care” industry actually depends on the continuation of degenerative disease and the expansion of new disease definitions to sell their patented chemicals to more and more people. But underneath the hype, the television ads, the FDA and the drug reps, there’s a dirty little secret about modern medicine that informed people are now uncovering…

Drugs-and-surgery medicine is a grand hoax.
(We’ll prove it to you. Keep reading.)

Popping pills and cutting open patients may work for acute, emergency medical situations (such as saving the life of a person in an auto mobile collision), but conventional medicine has proven itself useless in preventing the degenerative diseases that dominate health care today.

Consider the big ones: cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, osteoporosis, obesity, migraines, kidney stones and others. Has the drugs-and-surgery approach to medicine made any improvement whatsoever in reducing the rates of these diseases over the last three decades? None. In fact, disease rates continue to rise every year.

Diabetes is sky-rocketing in children, cancer survival rates have barely budged in thirty years, and depression is now spreading like an epidemic across the population. And on top of that, infertility rates have spiked, forty percent of the population is now taking pharmaceuticals daily, and tens of millions of our children have been labelled “sick” with a diagnosis of a fictitious disorder called “ADHD” that’s being treated with prescription amphetamines that used to be called “speed” when they were sold as street drugs.

What’s going on here? How could Americans be paying the most for health care of any nation in the world, yet display the worst health of any modern nation in the world?

The answers may shock you. In fact, what you’re about to read here may rock your world so completely that you’ll never look at doctors and pharmaceuticals the same way again.

Health freedom activist Mike Adams blows the lid off the medical hoax called “conventional medicine”

At the same time, he’s become a true master of personal health transformation by studying and applying natural healing secrets that can help virtually anyone prevent or even reverse the most devastating diseases known to modern medicine, from breast cancer and prostate cancer to diabetes, depression, heart disease, migraine headaches and much more.

His latest book, Natural Health Solutions and the Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing About Them is a shocking tell-all book that reveals both the worst of conventional medicine and the incredible success of natural medicine through the use of foods, herbs and free, natural therapies that really work to halt and reverse serious disease.

Inside Natural Health Solutions, you’ll:

  • Discover healing foods and herbs that really work for over 100 common health conditions.
  • Find out which superfoods and supplements you should be taking right now that can save your life, stave off disease and save you a fortune in health care costs.
  • See the documented proof of how drug companies control the media and run the FDA with a profiteering agenda that exploits the health of human beings to generate corporate profits.
  • Learn the horrifying truth of armed FDA raids on vitamin shops and health clinics, revealing the terrifying tactics used by federal regulators to eradicate natural medicine.
  • Learn safe, natural and effective alternatives to dangerous prescription drugs. These are the natural health solutions the FDA wants to ban and Big Pharma hopes you never discover.
  • Uncover the “cycle of disease” in modern health care that guarantees future profits for doctors and drug companies by keeping patients diseased and dependant on overpriced medications.
  • Realize how modern medicine is a grand hoax that only traps patients in a system of medicine that will leave them dead and broke. But there’s a way out, and it’s revealed in Natural Health Solutions.

Natural Health Solutions $29.95

Natural Health Solutions $29.95

Like many people today, Mike Adams used to suffer from degenerative disease. Raised on a diet of unhealthy processed foods, Adams was nearly obese and diabetic by the age of thirty. He suffered from chronic back pain and depression, and found himself fed up with doctors that seemed to offer no real solutions to his health concerns.

Determined to reverse diabetes, eliminate his body fat and regain his former mental acuity, Adams became a student of nutrition and natural therapies. He attended healing schools, taught himself nutritional theory and completed more than 600 books on healing modalities, nutritional therapies and food toxicology. As he applied what he learned in his own life, his health began to transform.

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Adams gave up all chemicals — pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter drugs, caffeine — and pursued a natural foods diet with regular exercise and plenty of sunshine (using no sunscreen, which contains its own cancer-causing chemicals). Soon after, he dropped 50 pounds of body fat, his diabetes symptoms vanished, and his cholesterol dropped to LDL of 67 and HDL of 62. His resting pulse dropped to 48 beats per minute, his blood pressure reached 105/60 and he was pronounced by his naturopathic doctor as achieving a state of “perfect health.”

And this is from a person who was previously headed down the path of degenerative disease!

Adams was so shocked by this rapid health transformation that he felt compelled to share this information with others. He began writing and teaching, attracting an audience of millions of readers, and today is regarded as one of the most influential natural health writers in the world. His work has helped literally millions of people get off prescription drugs, end their addictions to junk foods and sodas, and easily adopt healthy lifestyle choices that make severe degenerative diseases simply vanish.

Natural Health Solutions is the culmination of this nutritional knowledge, experience and research. It tells you everything you need to know to escape the predatory system of conventional medicine and take charge of your health from this day forward.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How the marketing and promotion of drugs is based almost entirely on scientific fraud, hype and exaggeration.
  • Why America is the only country in the world that allows direct-to-consumer advertising by pharmaceutical companies, even when the practice makes no scientific sense whatsoever.
  • The truth about how the FDA is actually paid by pharmaceutical companies to approve their drugs as “safe.”
  • The jaw-dropping truth about the medical monopoly enforced by the American Medical Association and the FDA, including monopolistic price controls, border raids and intimidation campaigns to eliminate competition.
  • How one FDA-approved prescription drug has actually killed more Americans than the entire Vietnam War… and this is according to one of the FDA’s own senior drug safety researchers!
  • Why most non-profit disease organizations that have “diabetes” or “cancer” in their names are actually Big Pharma front groups that have no real interest in curing disease.
  • How pharmaceutical companies control the U.S. government and bilk taxpayers out of billions of dollars through Medicare and Medicaid programs.
  • The truth about why 29 states are suing the pharmaceutical giants for fraud.
  • The truth about “disease mongering” and how the pharmaceutical companies actually invent disease, package it, and sell it to the public in order to convince healthy people that they’re sick and need “treatment.”
  • Why a leading blood thinner medication – is actually made from a known rat poison.
  • The fraud of the breast cancer industry and how it uses “free screening” as a recruitment tool to trap women in a system of treatment that actually harms 10 women for every 1 that it helps.
  • Shocking details, pictures and documents revealing the little-known tie between the pharmaceutical companies and the masterminds of human medical experimentation in Nazi Germany.
  • How dangerous drugs such as heroine and cocaine were actually pioneered by some of the top pharmaceutical companies and sold as “medicine.”
  • Why modern medicine itself has become the top leading cause of death in America. It’s true! Medical treatment now kills more Americans than cancer.

Now learn what really works to halt disease, maximize health and take charge over your personal health

Drug companies and the FDA want to turn your body into a profit generating machine, and they’re determined to do it through any means necessary — intimidation, censorship, propaganda and fraud, to name a few. But here’s the good news: You don’t have to suffer under their control any longer. There is a better way!

It’s a way that follows natural law — the law that says if you consume the foods and medicines that are biochemically compatible with your body, you will activate the amazing healing potential programmed into your DNA since birth.

The human body, you see, is a self-healing organism. It has the hardware and the know-how to repair DNA, regenerate skin, repair ligaments, form new connections in the brain and even create an entire human being! … all automatically, effortlessly and naturally. You benefit from this self-healing technology every time your body heals a scrape, sprain, or broken bone.

But here’s the key: drugs and pharmaceuticals suppress your body’s natural healing abilities. They hijack your biochemistry, poison your liver and silence your natural healing abilities. It’s like having an army of microscopic doctors ready to assist you, but their hands are tied behind their backs and their mouths bound with tape.

If you truly want to heal, you must unleash your natural healing technology by consuming foods, medicine and nutrients that are compatible with the body you were born with. And that means supporting your immune system, nourishing your brain and nervous system, cleansing your digestive system and setting those microscopic doctors free to start the healing process!

Natural Health Solutions shows you how to do this. Covering over 100 common health conditions, this book teaches you the safe, natural and readily available solutions for health conditions that many people (incorrectly) thought were incurable!

Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll find inside:

  • The five best herbs and supplements for eliminating bad breath (halitosis). (Page 220)
  • The seven most effective foods and supplements for appetite control. Eat these to start losing weight without feeling hungry. (Page 206)
  • Beat depression naturally, without using prescription drugs, using the power of natural light, healthy oils and a specific superfood from South America prized for its mood-lifting effects. (Page 252)
  • The real story on how to halt breast cancer using rare herbs from the rainforest, anti-cancer foods and natural sunshine. Did you know that simply getting enough vitamin D from sunshine slashes your risk of breast cancer by nearly 50 percent? Learn even more on page 232.
  • Feel exhausted all the time? Learn which common prescription drug actually causes fatigue, and how you can reverse it through natural foods and supplements. (Page 260)
  • Stop prostate cancer in its tracks with a powerful recipe of proven anti-cancer nutrients that automatically target the prostate gland! (Page 293)
  • Which herbs work best for anxiety or chronic stress. Take these and you’ll feel more relaxed and calm in minutes! (Page 204)
  • Did you know that common blood thinner drugs are made from rat poison? Learn the eleven natural alternatives for thinning your blood without using dangerous chemicals. Page 223)
  • How to stabilize your blood sugar and, for many people, eliminate your dependence on diabetes medications by taking selected supplements, spices and foods. (Did you know that a common spice used in pumpkin pie has been shown to lower blood sugar better than diabetes drugs?) (Page 225)
  • The truth about osteoporosis and why conventional medicine won’t tell people what they really need to know about vitamin D, trace minerals, sunshine and pH balance. Learn what really works to reverse osteoporosis and build impressive bone mineral density! (Page 289)
  • Beat back infectious disease with over a dozen natural products that are safer and more effective than antibiotics (because viruses can’t build up resistance to these full-spectrum natural medicines). (Page 269)
  • Ease arthritis pain and joint inflammation with natural anti-inflammatory foods and herbs you can get right now! Did you know that turmeric in curry is one of the most potent anti-cancer and anti-inflammation medicines known to modern science? Learn much more on page 271.
  • The common nut that helps halt Alzheimer’s disease, along with a dozen other foods that boost brain function and prevent disease. (Page 200)
  • How to reverse hyperactivity in children using brain-boosting foods and supplements that have zero side effects. (Page 218)
  • How to remove the mercury that’s been poisoning your body: You’ll learn about four natural products with powerful, proven mercury removal effects. (Page 281)
  • The 7 keys to taking nutritional supplements safely. (Page 193)
  • How to reverse osteoporosis by changing the pH balance of your body and eliminating high-acid foods and drinks. (Page 194)
  • Now to eliminate acne with simple dietary changes that will also boost your health in a dozen other areas. (Page 195)
  • How to stop Arthritis in its tracks using scientifically-validated medicine hidden in everyday foods! Learn which medicinal foods, herbs and nutritional supplements really work for arthritis. (Page 211)
  • The seven worst indoor air pollutants that promote asthma and how to eliminate them naturally, without using chemical products. (Page 214)
  • How to treat urinary tract infections without antibiotics using natural (but powerful!) antibacterial herbs, spices and superfoods that cleanse the bladder and kidneys. (Page 221)
  • The top 10 nutritional products for halting diabetes, including a little-known cactus powder that stops high blood sugar in its tracks! You’ll also learn about another little-known supplement that’s been clinically shown to drop blood sugar levels by an average of 53 points in six weeks. (Page 228)
  • Halt heart disease with a powerful and scientifically proven recipe of foods, herbs and supplements that contain nature’s best medicine. Did you know that grape skins contain the most powerful heart medicine known to modern science? It’s called resveratrol and you’ll learn more about it starting on page 235.
  • Ease suffering from chronic pain using safe, natural therapies that doctors don’t know about and most people have never heard of. (Page 244)
  • Solve constipation problems once and for all with the solutions revealed on page 248.
  • Reinvigorate your eyes through the power of nutrition and help halt blurry eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration and poor vision. (Page 258)
  • Treat high blood pressure naturally and safely without using prescription drugs! (Page 266)
  • Conquer high cholesterol with the natural “medicine” in blueberries, garlic, olives and fish. (Page 268)
  • The real story on obesity and why cravings for carbohydrates are really caused by nutritional deficiencies that can be reversed! (Page 286)
  • Learn shocking statistics about rampant vitamin D deficiency in the United States. Did you know that 32 percent of doctors and medical students are vitamin D deficient? (Page 304)
  • Find even more natural health solutions for bad breath, body odour, dandruff, dry hair, bloating, hair loss, irritability, kidney stones, leg cramps, infertility, menstrual cramps, migraines, sinusitis, skin disorders, and much more.

Packed with specific product recommendations

Plus, you’ll discover over 125 specific product recommendations, complete with company names, phone numbers and web addresses so you can get these healing products yourself! (And, no, Mike Adams earns nothing from these products. They’re all 100% independent, trusted recommendations.

Learn about products that help you:

  • Conquer gingivitis and gum disease with a “miracle” dental powder.
  • Stabilize blood sugar.
  • Boost brain function all day long.
  • Sweeten foods without using refined sugars or chemical sweeteners.
  • Halt tumor growth with medicinal herbs from South America.
  • Remove chlorine from your shower water affordably and effectively!
  • Create a natural internal sunscreen using a little-known nutrient from the ocean.
  • Feed your dog or cat truly healthy foods with no junk fillers.
  • Enhance your intake of trace minerals from a trusted source.
  • End ADHD in your children with brain-boosting nutrients that really work!
  • Clean your home and kitchen with a natural, herbal-based cleaner that contains no chemicals whatsoever! (You can drink this stuff!)
  • Support normal, healthy cell division in your body with the help of potent medicinal mushrooms.
  • Cleanse your face and skin using truly all-natural skin care products that contain no harsh chemicals.
  • Clean drains and clogged pipes in your home using environmentally safe chemicals that don’t threaten aquatic life!
  • Radically boost your antioxidant intake with high-density superfood powders that you can whip into a delicious smoothie.
  • Increase your intake of quality plant-based proteins from trusted, recommended sources.
  • Switch from processed salt to full-spectrum sea salt that supports healthy immune function while resisting viral infections.
  • Find a source for bulk herbs where you can buy medicinal products by the pound (at amazing prices!).
  • Discover various food bars that are truly healthy and recommended by the author (no junk in these!).
  • Get the best new supplements delivering pomegranate, lycopene, green tea, cinnamon and other potent medicinal substances with documented health benefits, including the prevention of breast cancer and prostate cancer.
  • Eliminate stress with a technological breakthrough that actually trains your body to relax in seconds.
  • Detoxify your body and remove hundreds of heavy metals and synthetic chemicals using little-known supplements that actually bind to toxic chemicals and remove them from your body. (One of these has been shown to remove up to 88% of toxic chemicals from the body during a juice fast.)
  • Find sources for buying great-tasting “greens” products (with no junk fillers), high-potency mineral liquids that you can drop into any beverage, “drinkable” vitamins that taste great and work like miracles in people with poor digestion, chocolate-flavored superfoods for kids, eco-friendly home cleaning products, natural body care products, pet care products and “green living” products.

… and much more!
Why they really don’t want you to know this information

As you discover the power of the information revealed in Natural Health Solutions, you’ll begin to understand why “they” (the promoters of drugs-and-surgery medicine) don’t want you to know all this!

If you’re sceptical of this idea that the modern medical industry would actually try to profit from human suffering, consider these points for a moment:

  • If America is a country of “free trade,” then why is it illegal to buy prescription drugs from other countries? Why is the drug industry in America run as a monopoly? Why do Americans pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs but nearly the lowest prices in the world for gasoline?
  • Why are doctors who prescribe herbs and nutritional therapies stripped of their medical licenses and not allowed to practice medicine in the United States? Why are all the really good cancer clinics located outside the USA?
  • Why are all the safe, natural therapies that really help people heal excluded from your health insurance coverage? Why do insurance companies refuse to pay for disease prevention measures that might keep you well?
  • Why are the advisory panel experts at the FDA on the take from drug companies, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from the very same companies impacted by their decisions? Why is corruption tolerated at the highest levels?
  • If the FDA is so concerned about public health, why do they make it illegal for food and supplement companies to tell the truth about the health benefits of their products, even when such benefits are scientifically documented and published?

And finally, the ultimate question that really needs to be asked…

  • If conventional medicine works so well, and if we have “the best health care system in the world,” then why are Americans so diseased?  Why is America spending more per capita on health care than any country in the world, and yet our life expectancy is no better than China or Cuba?

The answer, friends, is because conventional medicine does not work. Drugs do not make people healthier. Most surgery is medically unjustified. Cancer screening programs harm more people than they help. And conventionally-trained doctors, sadly, are clueless about how to help people improve their health.

Let health guru Mike Adams show you the real path to health and longevity

There is a better way to achieve and maintain peak human health, and Mike Adams can show you how to get there. His book, Natural Health Solutions, is the map that can lead you directly to the greatest health you’ve ever experienced.

Adams believes so strongly in the mission of making this information available that he earns nothing from the sale of this book. Adams has donated 100% of his author royalty to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the chemical abuse of children by modern psychiatry.

Natural Health Solutions may be, by far, the most important book you’ll ever read. But just in case you’re not completely satisfied with what you learn in the book, you’re covered by our 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not absolutely thrilled about the information you find in Natural Health Solutions, simply return within 30 days it for a full refund (less shipping).

Get Natural Health Solutions today, and let your personal health transformation begin starting right now

Natural Health Solutions $29.95

Natural Health Solutions $29.95

Author Mike Adams is widely regarded as one of the top natural health writers living today. He’s written more than twelve books and guides and nearly 2,000 articles on medicine and health, documenting the corruption of the FDA, the scientific fraud of drug companies, the bribery of doctors and the rampant conflicts of interest that characterize medicine today. (Literally millions of people have read Adams’ articles and reports, and readers report astonishing health improvements from doing so.)

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