Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

You really need to be aware in this modern world. The old adage that ‘Beauty is only skin deep’  has taken on a new meaning, when we consider the lotions and potions that are riddled with mainly unnecessary and dangerous chemicals. Beauty Therapists used to think the dangerous beauty applications that the ancients used were long past, but though the corruption of the few vested interests in the chemical industry, cosmetics are now more hazardous than they ever were.

Cosmetics are More than Skin Deep

(NaturalNews) Lotion, deodorant, hair spray, nail polish, sunscreen … . Most of us spend at least some amount of time pouring, scrubbing, patting, and lathering our way into a cleaner, softer hair, skin, and body. We can’t pronounce some of the ingredients in the products we lather on, but they are on the shelves of our most popular stores. Doesn’t that mean they’re safe to use? During any one day of our lives millions of people are using products that contain hundreds of chemicals that have not been approved for our safety by our regulatory institutions. Some of these same additives, however, actually have been proven unsafe.

But its not only cosmetics that are causing a serious counter argument to the unchecked pursuit of Beauty and Health

Gender-bender chemicals causing early puberty in girls

“Endocrine disrupting” chemicals that mimic or interfere with the body’s natural sex hormones are partially responsible for early puberty in girls, according to a study conducted by researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.

In tests, girls with the highest concentrations of some of the substances in their bodies tended to develop breasts and pubic hair earlier than those with the lowest levels. The average age of the onset of Puberty has significantly lowered to 10 years 3 months due to chemical hazards in daily life.

According to the Mail Online

A graphic of gender-bending products

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The way we are preceding Beauty or at least making the best of yourself is at a cost well beyond what people are aware they are paying

Be informed – make educated choices;

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