To Find High Quality E-Cigarette, You Need to Choose Wisely

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There are three basic components to every e cigarette. Your e cig choice is based on: overall build quality; size; and type of e liquid cartridge.

Let’s look at them in order.

So – one, build quality. Clearly no one wants to buy something that doesn’t work very well. When you make the decision to switch from the tobacco version to the electric version, you want to know that your money is being spent wisely and well, on an e cigarette that will last you for more than a couple of weeks.

Insofar as build quality goes, you need to do your research. Find out what e cig brands have a good reputation, and which ones are less well thought of. Ask your friends. Look at online reviews. Beware of cheap imitations. An average starter pack for an electric cigarette can cost around £80, with budget brands hitting between £20 and £30. So choose the price and quality of e cigarette that suits your purposes.

One thing to watch out for: lower quality e liquid capsules can leak nicotine. Nicotine in large enough doses can be fatal to pets and very small children. Nicotine is in fact more toxic to children and animals than cocaine. So make sure you buy the e cig brand with a reputation for excellent overall build quality.

The size of your electric cigarette has two effects: the smaller it is the more it feels like a real cigarette; and the larger it is the longer its battery lasts between charges. Make your decision based on how much you need your e cigarette to be a straight replacement for your cigarettes; and on how conveniently sized you wish it to be. Even the big ones are perfectly portable – but the mini ones really do fit into your pocket in their cigarette pack sized charging unit, The bigger ones fit in pockets too but you notice them a little.

The battery in your e cig is the white barrel of the “cigarette”. Obviously, the longer the barrel is the more charge it holds and the longer you can go between charges. That said, your e cigarette can be charged pretty much anywhere and is even supplied with a range of connections, which you can carry around in the handy charge pack. So charging period is not necessarily the biggest concern you have.

The real area of choice in electric cigarette buying is the type and strength of the liquid capsule you use. Again, quality is important. Low quality (i.e. cheap) e cig cartridges are either too strong in flavour, too weak in flavour or flavoured with something that tastes nothing like the flavour on the box. Buy cartridges made by the manufacturer of your quality e cigarette and you will not be disappointed.

The variety of flavours you can get is quite bewildering – from fruits and sweets through floral flavours to regular tobacco flavour. The choice you make has to be based on what you want to get from your electric cigarette. Smokers who wish to find a straight replacement for tobacco will be best suited to a mini e cig, whose cartridges are flavoured with a tobacco derivative that makes the vapour taste exactly like cigarette smoke.

You can choose different styles of e cigarette according to your personality and your intended use too. Make a statement with a bold red charge pack – or go rock n roll with black and gold! Whatever you choose, you know you’re making a healthier decision.


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