Dieters easily misled by food labels

A recent study examining the names and descriptions of foods reinforces the growing body of evidence that health claims can cause confusion among consumers. The study found that dieters tend to focus on certain words or product names more than a food’s actual ingredients. For example, dieters are more likely to choose a product that is described as “salad” rather than one described as “pasta,” even if the ingredients are exactly the same.

Dieters easily misled by food labels

Fasting has been a popular practice among health conscious individuals for centuries. In general, doctors have discouraged the practice of fasting deeming it a dangerous fad among ignorant health seekers. Recent research has proven that regular fasting is not merely a fad, but a health promoting practice. Research conducted at Intermountain Medical Center’s Heart Institute identified several health benefits offered through periodic fasting.

Periodic Fasting is good for you

Health care is expensive. Costs continue to mount despite recent efforts at health care “reform.”

Sally C. Pipes, the president, CEO and Taube Fellow in Health Care Studies at the Pacific Research Institute, argues in Forbes Magazinethis week that the best way to lower costs is through expensive “medical innovation” (technology). Pipes claims that innovation alone will “minimize doctor visits, specialist referrals, round-the-clock care, trial-and-error surgeries” and other procedures in order “to deliver more value for less money in the long term.”

Healthier Lifestyles Are A Solution To Rising Healthcare Costs

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