The Fukushima Dictionary of Physics Terminology (satire)

Does all the physics terminology from Fukushima news reports have your
head spinning? Have no fear, NaturalNews readers: I’ve assembled this
handy dandy dictionary of all the terms you need to know to follow
Fukushima developments as if you were a double-PhD physics geek. Enjoy!

Editor’s Note:
Fukushima is no laughing matter, of course, but the lack of
understanding of the laws of physics throughout the mainstream media is
sadly hilarious. Laughter and humor are healthy for relieving stress,
and right now, a lot of people need some stress relief over this
situation. In no way does this take away from the seriousness of the
Fukushima situation, and we will resume our serious reporting on
Fukushima in the days ahead. See the bottom of this article for
additional notes about Fukushima and this satire piece.

The Fukushima Dictionary of Physics Terminology (satire).

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