Be A Leader

Contrary to what most people believe, leadership is not about power. It is not about bossing people or driving them by using threats and fear. It is about encouraging others towards the goal of the organization. It is getting everyone on the same mission statement  and helping them to see the big picture of the organization and how they function within this common good. You must become a leader not a boss.

People follow others when they see a clear sense of purpose. People will only follow you if they see that you know where you are going. If you do not know where you’re heading, chances are nobody will want follow you, anyway.

Being a leader is not about what you make others do. It’s about who you are, what you know, and what you do. You are the reflection of what you’re colleagues want to be.

Studies have shown that another fundamental of good leadership is the trust and confidence your fellows have of you. Trust and confidence, that can only be built on respectful relationships, trustworthiness, and high degree of moral standards.

Once you have their confidence and loyalty, you may now proceed to communicate the goals and objectives you are to undertake. Stand as the visualization your co-workers want to emulate.

Communication is a very important key to good leadership. The knowledge and technical expertise you have must be clearly imparted to other people. You must be able to assess situations, weigh the pros and cons of any decision, and actively seek out a solution.

Leaders are not do-it-yourself heroes, who burn out by not being able to delegate. You should not claim to know everything, and you should not rely upon your skills alone. You should recognize the capacities and talents your colleagues have, and provide opportunities for them to shine and blossom. Only when you come to this realization will you be able to work as one cohesive unit.

Remember being a leader takes a good deal of work and time. It is not learned overnight.

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