Raising Your Spirits

The grotesque amount medications taken each year should be the very first indication that something isn’t working in the sick industry, that never cures only treats symptoms and gives dangerous side effects  that require a life time’s addiction.

Americans drowning in prescription drugs

This petro-chemical industries’  greed and lack of ethics is in my opinion,  one of the worst dangers to mankind that I know.

Male fish now exhibiting female traits due to toxic chemicals and pharma runoff

It isn’t just a sociopathic mission to have people on dangerous chemicals all their life , its their lackadaisical approach to leaks, spills of such chemicals and deliberate contamination of environments, where genetic modification removes the biodiversity and presents a fait-accompli before the numerous studies again present damming evidence of such life tampering practices.

Tell the FDA ‘NO!’ to GMO fish

It is particularly offensive that while petrochemical interests are dirtying our backyards, watchdogs set up to protect our food and water sources are actually making it easy for these monsters to wage an all out war on mankind.

FDA censorship of nutritional science threatens health of all Americans

Now I am sure I read somewhere, that Armageddon would be preceded by the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, where evil incarnate would suck the spirit  from all. Revelation 16:16 If ever there was an image that this reflected – its Codex Alimentarius. Supposed to protect us from charlatans, ‘ exact opposite where ancient remedies and even new health discoveries are banned because patented, they cannot be termed a cure though renowned for benefits and only the petrochemical industry has the resources to pay fortunes to test and trial studies by the ‘scientists’ in their pay. There is no money in the natural since it can’t be patented and was God given.

At least we can avoid the toxic vaccinations, the choose natural before hazardous medications and move from polluted environments. No…  ?

Healthcare workers to be fired if they refuse flu shots, medical group demands (opinion)

Already moves are being made to make inoculation compulsory, but even before the dialectic begins certain sections are to be given no choice if they want to keep their job and even if that is in medical records will no interaction with the public and are perfectly protected from flu even swine flu, by taking regular doses of Vitamins C and especially D (the sunshine vitamin that is replenished by an  hour in the open every day, with out sunblock chemicals).

For example vinegar has aided digestion, and provided health benefits away back to ancient Egypt but you can’t claim it heals now. There is ample evidence that  the side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is cancer but you can’t say Green tea would cure or be  better for you only that it is a nice relatively cheap refreshing drink.

All About Vinegar

Fight For Health Reform Now

I believe there is an area around aged 45 that the focus of life changes, some call this a spiritual awakening others don’t believe it exists at all but whatever it is apparently not abundantly happening now. This is because our soils are nutritionally empty covered in pesticides and preservatives on produce truck across continents and the spiritual is hampered by lack of particularly nutrients which don’t get and additives we don’t want in junk foods. Only by making the choice to change your ways will the energy come upon you to transcend and become what the powerful elites are trying to stop.


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