The Simple Anger Management Plan

Anger management plans are developed to offer a person a plan of action when a stressful or confrontational situation arises. When the individual experiences signs of negative emotions and angry thoughts, an anger management lesson plan is meant to provide tools to decrease or control their temper. Anger management lesson plans can be designed to be individual, once a person finds techniques or adopts skills that work for them.

  1. Becoming conscious of what makes you angry is the first step towards your breakthrough. Writing them down these thoughts may help you to decide how to proceed in a positive way rather than just lashing out.
  2. The second step necessary is to practice self-control in visualizations of potentially distressing scenarios. When confrontation arises it is essential to stop, take a minute to collect yourself  and think the situations through. This gives you an opportunity to think about your usual response without actually acting on it.
  3. Imagine applying a different script. rather than your probable reaction, it is then essential to think about the potential fallout from each reaction. Thinking things through can permit you to consider a selection of  reasonable ways of dealing with the situation without becoming hot-tempered.
  4. The fourth step in this anger management lesson is the decision making step. Considering the options for reactions, now you must choose which one that is likely to work or be effective. Of course then it’s time to act on this decision.

When you have followed through with these four steps, it is then necessary to evaluate your response. This step in the anger management lesson plan allows time to think over the entire situation to discern whether the result was a positive one.

Working through anger management plans such as this one may be easy to carry out when you are in a calm and thoughtful state of mind. The true test comes when these steps are put into action when you are angry and experiencing negative thoughts and emotions. The only way to ensure these anger management lesson plans work is to practice them over and over again.

That said, dealing with children who have anger problems is challenging and requires thought and imagination. A child’s mind is as a rule not developed sufficiently enough to deal with intense feelings such as anger and rage. Children are not equipped to clarify their feelings. In order to create anger management programs that will help children, the care- giver needs to recognize how a child’s mind works, as well as what interests them and use this knowledge to develop an effective anger management program for children

Children are familiar with worksheets, colouring pages and puzzles. These kind of activities are used every day in the school setting so incorporating anger management lessons into these activities makes sense. These worksheets can be made fun and interesting. These worksheets can teach techniques and strategies for controlling anger in such a way that children will comprehend and react to. Using well-known situations in colouring pages or related words in puzzles may help a child to deal with anger issues without making the situation complicated.

Children love playing games. In addition to using worksheets, it might be helpful to include games into a children’s anger management program. Designing activities that include role-playing may help children to realize that they can not always be the centre of attention. Anger management for children can be taught in all sorts of ways that will be both productive as well as enjoyable.

Listing different possibilities for their anger and having them read over them to see which statements apply to them might be beneficial in treating kids with anger issues. Simple sentences, using everyday dilemmas that a child may encounter could be used in these anger management worksheets. Children may not even realize the reason for these worksheets yet they may be providing relevant information that can help in treatment of the problem.

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