Dangerous Medications What Are The Alternatives?

(NaturalNews) Despite bearing the brunt of years of mockery from mainstream medicine, alternative remedies continue to gain in popularity among UK and USA individuals who actually want to cure their ills and improve their health. According to researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 40 percent of Americans today utilize some form of treatment that is not officially taught in orthodox Western medical schools.

Why alternative medicine is winning out against conventional (chemical) medicine

This great switch to other forms of health care is in main part  because doctors are always busy, and it is often the sense of urgency to move onto the next patient with in the 10 minutes of time allocated that really make people sick. Sometimes the shock of results of an awful disease or terminal illness patients feel they weren’t given adequate time to ask questions and need to make another appointment just when they are reeling from the information.

I have a really good doctor and wouldn’t change her for the world but everyone else thinks so too and there is a 3 week waiting list to even get an appointment and then she can be up to an hour behind, probably to the detriment to her own health, because she does take time. And that is what people want from their practitioner. People are confused by the terminology, fear the future and dread the treatment and need to talk and get reassurance. This is what Alternative practitioners provide. Most of the treatments of alternative  health systems are not painful, dangerous nor time consuming. The specific person centred approach suggests a negotiation of healing practices so that the individual feels consulted and cared for throughout the procedure. The only problem is what treatment is right for you and to pursue treatment as a preventative to ill health not just as a knee jerk to a serious diagnosis, nor disgust and what orthodox medicine inflicts on certain illnesses. For instance the side effect of radiation therapy and chemotherapy is cancer. Who would knowingly take that risk when already run down by the illness?  By taking time now to consult what healing system appeals and works for you and resonates with your individual situation you can prevent and avoid most of the dangerous chemical hazards that the medical petrochemical industry want to make money from you on and which cause more harm rather than cure.

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