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I totally agree with the idea that we should take more responsibility for our own health and have less expectation on the self  interested profiteers of the petro-chemical industry to provide medicine to cure us. However the diseases and ill health we are suffering from are arising, not  just junk diets but nutritionally empty and pesticide sprayed  foods and genetically modified additions to our diet that are forced on us, pollution in the air and water, hazardous cleaning chemicals, mercury in our vaccines, and dental fillings along with additions like fluoride to dumb us down and make us more malleable .

But that’s not what is getting addressed  here in the UK.

Don’t take offence if we lecture you on how to stay alive and healthy

Stuart Field of the Observer on Sunday 8th August 2010.-  Did lecture and  he wants to tell it like it is – ‘fat is fat’ . This is irrespective of the health concerns that many youngsters who tend to have little control of their lives who already have a skewed self image. He wants to encourage doctors and no doubt any bully to apply name-calling of that highly subjective pejorative term to embarrass individuals into doing something about it.  He views obesity, in pregnancy as the primary cause of cot-death  along with smoking  alcohol and convenience foods as further factors.  In fact anything he can throw at caregivers to carry the blame instead of the greedy corporations who pursue only profit. ‘Parents need to act as role models from early on and take control of their children’s eating habits, by providing sensible, appropriate portion sizes and by not feeding them rubbish’. Avoidable deaths can be linked to low birth weight as a result of mothers smoking while  pregnant. In fact women are blamed the cause of for everything from diabetes to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Field would also add self-induced overexposure to the sun and excessive use of sunbeds to the list.

British government urges individuals to take personal responsibility for health

Public health epidemics like obesity and diabetes have led some governments to impose new restrictions on people’s food and lifestyle habits. But according to a recent Guardian article, the new U.K. government is now calling more on individuals, rather than the state, to start taking responsibility for health and wellness. True to his colours Cameron and cronies are rolling back the state and urging personal responsibility for making better lifestyle choices.
WHO list reveals flu advisors with financial ties to pharma, vaccine manufacturers

After months of stalling, the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally revealed the names of key pandemic advisors who influenced its decision to declare a phase six pandemic last year — a decision that resulted in a financial windfall for vaccine manufacturers. As you can see here, that list includes at least five expert advisors received money from vaccine companies.

Here’s who received money from Big Pharma and then influenced the WHO decision to declare a pandemic:

Arnold Monto is a professor from the United States who has received money from virtually all the major vaccine manufacturers

Nancy Cox works for the US Centers for Disease Control, which already maintains a pro-vaccine stance while utterly ignoring the importance of vitamin D in halting infectious disease.

John Wood works at Britain’s National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC). They’ve taken money from Sanofi Pasteur, Novartis and several other companies focused on influenza vaccine research.

Maria Zambon is a professor at the UK Health Protection Agency Centre for Infection. She has received money from Sanofi, Novartis, CSL, Baxter and GSK.

Neil Ferguson is also a professor, and he has accepted money from Roche and GSK Biologicals.

Why this matters, is because that not only do the health trials, for such as Vaccines produce results that the Pay-Masters of Big Pharma want, but as experts their discipline, general doctors follow their recommendations and also receive perks and favours specifically for prescribing that drug rather than another. This is an unfair influence even beyond our politicians benefiting from lobbyists which was supposed to have ended but remains and is a corruption endemic to the medical industry that determines what medications you are prescribed.
GlaxoSmithKline pushing dangerous Avandia drug on thousands in new global clinical trial (opinion)

And when they can’t find enough idiots for a trial in the Western world they start on the 3rd World as eugenicists of The Gates foundation is providing in the name of health’ There may be nothing we can do about it.
Feds found Pfizer too big to nail, so they looked the other way on massive fraud

Take the log out your own eye Stuart Field. What chance have parents got to set an example, when our food is nutritionally empty and sprayed with chemicals, dangerous chemical cleaners in our homes and fuels polluting our environment, cosmetics, deodorants – lotions and potions that destroy the internal balancing homoeostasis and medicine that will surely kill or maim you irrespective of the disease they are being taken for.

Try reading:
Pesticides may be a leading cause of major diseases

Pesticides are linked to cancer, reproductive dysfunction, diabetes, autism, asthma, birth defects, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases and more.

Not mothers setting a bad example!

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