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End the confusion, suppressed into a fraction of our capability Awake Now into the infinite  conscious waiting for You. Its never been more important to be aware of  forces emerging that do not have the best interests of humanity at heart. Don’t sleep walk into slavery.  For the sake of your loved ones, descendants, and those who come after you. Become aware of the prevalent, insipid forces sucking the life force from mankind and get informed about the problems and the solutions to their evil plans.

David Icke – Turning The Key

The Danger of Your Diet

Today in the UK we heard products from a cloned bull ended up in the food chain last year.

Cloned Animals  and Genetically Modified produce are getting into our diets now. This is without any agreement about their efficacy. These products are dangerous and these breaches are so we will all  give up our protest to insist upon standards for fresh healthy food for ourselves and children, since we’ve been ‘accidentally’  exposed anyway. Don’t give up the fight. Say No To GMO and cloned animals – there is now a herd of this bulls descendants here in Scotland waiting to enter the food chain!

Alex Jones on Brain Eating Vaccines and now
Intel Experts Warn Obama Israel May Bomb Iran This Month
Paul Joseph Watson | A group of former intelligence and military officials is warning President Obama that Israel is preparing to attack Iran.

Health and Wellbeing – Be in the know with your personal care choices

Consider the benefits of buying purely natural products compared to petro-chemical toxins

Soils are so depleted now – You Need to Supplement Vitamins and Minerals to Keep Well

Epidemic of Allergies and Intolerance Now From Everyday Products Find Out Your Triggers

Everything you ever wanted to know about Detox Find all the  knowledge you need to make informed choices

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The Pearls Of Wisdom

Spa Finder

Here’s to Your Good Health


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