Doctors’ Backhanders Determine The Medicine You Get

It’s corrupt practice in both USA and UK. Already politicians have been caught accepting perks for their interest groups.  How much worse is this in the medical/petro-chemical industry?  It means that when you go to your Doctor you are more likely to get a prescription for what is going to make your doctor money, not what is best for you.  Already many reports and studies have been shown to support the petro-chemical company who is paying for the study than actual empirical results.

STOP this abuse now

Harvard Stops Student Doctors Perks

It is common practice for medical professionals to accept gifts, free travel, meals and other forms of indirect compensation from drug companies and medical device manufacturers for giving speeches that endorse their products. But Harvard Medical School has now made a new rule that prohibits its 11,000 faculty members from engaging in this activity.

Johns Hopkins researcher speaks out: arrogance of doctors is killing tens of thousands of patients.

Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, is a professor of anesthesiology and critical care medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Although he works right in the heart of mainstream academic and clinical medicine, Dr. Pronovost is taking an unusual and even heroic step and speaking out about medical errors. Tens of thousands of people are dying unnecessarily, he says, and one main reason involves the enormous arrogance of many doctors.

The day will soon come that informed women will refuse to date, marry or have children with men who follow poor nutritional habits. “You eat junk foods? Put your pants back on and get out!”
You see, scientific evidence is mounting on the relationship between food choice and genetic integrity. Men who eat a lot of processed meats, fast foods and junk foods have low sperm quality. But it’s more than just an infertility question… it’s also a question of the transgenerational genetic integrity of his offspring.A man who pursues an unhealthy diet, it turns out, not only increases the risk of numerous diseases in his direct offspring (cancer, diabetes, infertility, etc.), he also increases that risk for multiple generations of offspring.

Once you’ve read the article watch this video by Mike Adams the Health Ranger as well

The Genopocalypse explained

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