Cosmetics: Safe for You?

There is a toxic overload from the very products we use to keep ourselves looking good and feeling great. The American FDA and the UK  Food Standards Agency don’t even monitor many of the products we  use in everyday life. Who would put lead in lipstick, oil in herbal shampoo, hazards in our personal care products? Its not the choices we make in the shops; its a throw back to the 50s that believed scientifically advanced chemicals, which we don’t know much about, were good for us. But now we know better and we challenge the petro-chemical industry to explain or remove them.  If  the ingredients can’t be justified to consciously aware shoppers then why put them in? Reformulate the product for safety or prosecute the makers for crimes against humanity. There are resources online for checking ingredients, but common sense tells us to err on side of caution, not just with frequency of use of dangerous ingredients but combinations of these ingredients from many products. I am not advocating a return to testing on animals, since we are of the animal kingdom also. What I am suggesting is the addition of  known carcinogenic ingredients in products should be removed now and never considered for any future personal care products.
The Story of Cosmetics

Healthy Diet = Healthy Skin


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