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Looking for a full total body detox? If so, then try a 10 day detox, that usually means
taking several different steps to reach your total body transformation. It might involve a change in diet, exercise and even increasing water intake.

A full body detox is more thorough than a 24-hour fast of 72-hour juice diet. You need a full body detox program and you need to be ready to commit the full amount of time that it will take to get the full benefit of your detox. You need a system that can help you by:

  1. Removing heavy metals such as lead and mercury
  2. Detoxify your liver, kidneys and other organs – even the brain
  3. Replenish the friendly bacteria with a pro-biotic formula
  4. Recharge your immune system with a powerful antioxidant support

You might also want to work on your emotional state and detoxing your mind. While your brain is an organ as well and will get the same benefit from detoxing the other organs of your body, detoxing the soul is a bit different

If you want to cleanse and refresh your body, it is a great idea to cleanse and refresh your mind and spirit at the same time which can be done in a 10-day full body detox. Spend time relaxing, recouping and retraining your mind. Take time to de-stress from all the worries and trouble in the world and in your life while also cleansing your body physically.

You might want to try daily journalling and breathing and relaxing exercises in addition to the ingested regimen you have for your 10 day detox. Breathing out slowly and extensively for about a ten second count for five minutes is a detox that you can do any day but make a habit of it. You will come out of the process feeling like a new person.

What Is A Body Detox Routine?

Basically a detox routine is an all-natural method of cleansing your body by giving it the time and conditions it needs to rebuild and heal from the damages of daily life and the foods you eat and other substances you ingest.

There are many different types of known detox routines. Some common types include:

  • juice fasting
  • water fasting
  • minimal eating/fasting
  • herbal detoxification
  • detox baths
  • colon cleansing
  • caloric restriction
  • and many more

Your detox routine will be the specific plan that you take to detoxify and rejuvenate your body. It might be a pre-purchased plan that you get which contains all the steps needed for a healthy detox or it might be a plan that you helped formulate yourself.
You might want to try different detox routines or different combinations of different detoxification routines until you find one that works well for you. Once you find something that works well for you, you can continue to use it every time your body needs a detox.
How often you detox will also depend on your routine, the type of routine you use and how often you plan to use it. It will vary according to what your regular lifestyle is as well. After your detox, do you continue to eat healthy and avoid things that create a lot of toxins? If so, then you will not need your detox routine very often.
If you detox and then go back to a poor diet, caffeine and sugar and even nicotine, then you will need another detox sooner as your body will have more build up of toxins faster.

Keeping a Journal

If you are going to perform a body detox, you should keep a detox journal along the way to help you. You can get any kind of notebook, binder, paper, etc to write on and something comfortable to write with and begin making notes from day one. Your journal can look anyway you want or be any type of book that you want and you feel comfortable with. The point is just to keep notes on your life and your experiences during the detox.

You might write down the steps that you take in your detox, what you consume, what you  restrict, etc. You might also write down your feelings and emotions along theway as well. Write anything and everything that you want while you are going through the detox program even if it does not directly apply to your detox. Just your emotions and state of mind at this point can be very insightful to read later.

Benefits of A Body Detox Journal

There are actually many different benefits to keeping your detox journal. For one, you can write down all of the steps you take and what you experience along the way. This will help you remember how to do things the next time you detox and if something does not work well for you, which you will know how to change it next time. You can compare your detox experiences over the years and see how they change and how you grow as a person.

Another reason why it is a good idea is because many people experience mood swings and other moodiness while going through a detoxification. This lets you write down how you feel and helps you sort through your moods and emotions. It also helps you grow emotionally and you can look back on your journals later.

Body Detox For Your Mind
You hear all of this talk about body detox and what it can do for your health. You probably understand what it can do for your body but do you know what it can do for your mind? If you want to detox your mind, you will want to create a “cleansing day”. Because life brings many stresses and worries from day to day, you will want to have a regular cleansing day not just one time and then never again. You might want to detox your mind once a week or once every two weeks. If you are really pushed for time, you might go longer than that but the more often, the better so your mind doesn’t get clogged down again.

One way you can release many of your past stresses, worries and fears is to keep a journal to write daily about how you feel. Or maybe if you don’t have time to write daily you can write only on your cleansing day. You might also want to write letters (that you don’t send) to yourself or friends or family members writing about your emotions, events that happened and other things to help you release stress that clogs up the mind.

You need to be careful not to try to just push away negative feelings. They never truly disappear and they just get clogged in your system and come back later bigger to make you feel worse of they lie there quietly but nag at you little by little with each passing day. Instead, take these feeling and embrace them but move on as a smarter person and don’t hold to past pains and regrets.

These are great steps to take to detoxify the mind and start living a new fresh life with less worries and fears. A detox of the mind will also help you feel better and healthier as a person.

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