No Wonder You’re Depressed

Oops,  I became very emotional on Mon? with the passing of the American Health Care Bill and I am not even American! Apart from what America does today the UK follows tout suit  behind, the knowledge that this Bill has nothing to do with health made me shiver.

The idea of forcing people to pay insurance whether they are healthy or not, whether they can afford it or not, whether they would choose to or not is a total affront to this fantasy of democracy. That we in the West keep shoving down the throats of everyone else who disagree that here be, no individual liberty, equality and huge lobbying  interests already that our society touts to us, the oppressed, along with Afghanistan,Iraq, and ?.  Don’t fret there will be something worse to come along to take your mind of this injustice. Remember Defence Secretary Rumsfelt found 9/10 to be a good day to announce the $2. 3 trillion shortfall the Department of Defence could not account for.

Here in the UK with a two-tier  program, those like my mother paid every National Insurance stamp to a health service that truly worsened her last days. We are now hearing of not only the extreme corruption of politicians on whose other interests come before their  constituents but also General Practitioners and even teachers wallowing in backhanders that we the bottom feeders lose out at every turn

Health Care is about eating well to prevent ill health, having a balanced diet, not just the freedom to choose Coke and McDonald’s. But when the food that we do eat contains no minerals from the depleted demineralized soil anyway, and then spayed with poisonous fertilizers and pesticides and are most probably Genetically Modified in the first place. when we are forcibly vaccinated and being treated by dangerous expensive medicines that often give you the symptoms you wanted to avoid and irradiated by killer techniques designed to speed you on your way when they’ve had you money. That is not Health Care.

Its Your Health Take Control

I could hardly believe what I heard on Democracy Now Sky Channel 200 on Wednesday around 5pm GMT, that these reforms are predicated on the get out clauses of the medical insurance corporations that effectively a woman ‘stupid enough’ to have got herself into a situation where domestic abuse has occurred before, has a high probability of doing so again, even criminal responsibility if  she is carrying an unborn foetus and therefore not insurable.

When the administration of a society spends all its time taxing and penalising, watching and correcting; its not a government by and of its representatives its a corporatism that is avoiding blame and lacks humanity.

Thank goodness for sense

The Health Ranger


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