Bye-buy, miss american pie, a generation lost in space

There are still a few natural products left that can save us from our man-made toxic  environments, caused by the Big Pharma Petro-chemical cartel. Can you really trust those whose activities  make you ill in the first place with the cash windfall to make you better? Their industry is sickness and death

Insurance Companies don’t give a hoot whether you live or die, just that you pay and pay on the off chance to offset the expensive treatment when you do become ill! But they have been persuaded if even the bad risks, they normally wouldn’t touch with a barge pole are forced to pay whether they can afford it or not, as well as those that can afford it, when it comes to a choice of paying insurance  which will be mandatory,or eating: the ‘bad risks’ will be gone long before those that can afford to also eat properly and have less stress nor live in an area where you are more likely to die of a shotgun wound before you even get to hospital.

One of the few natural products that can save you from the burgeoning disease industry is Aloe. However with the looming shade of the Codex Alimentarus  those natural foodstuffs that can’t be patented because they are food not medicine an therefore Banned under these new regulations for the claim a food can heal!

However Americans were sold down the river with the passing of Obama’s Health Care Reforms Bill

Big Pharma scored yet again with a little help from their democrat friends:  condemning the rest of us to pills that cause the very symptoms we don’t want  and treatments like chemotherapy etc – that kill us anyway and cost a fortune to do it .

A true Health Care reform would have been to improve the quality of our foods that are genetically modified and poisoned with pesticides and deficient in nutrients we are forced to consume. And to lay off the war on minerals and supplements that stave off the obesity, that results from Western malnutrition.

Read The Health Ranger.

Health care reform bill dooms America to Pharma-dominated sickness and suffering

There are few people who consistently fight for what’s right against the hedonism and apathy today

Please be one that hears and helps in any small way

wake up



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